Review Now ! DS-103 Model Bidet Nozzle for war veteran,
pregnant and anyone with physical ailment..
No More Assemblies, Breaking, Dust etc !

It is installed to your toilet in 5 minutes.
DS-103 Model Bidet Nozzle
Bidet Nozzle with Pedal


Bidet Nozzles

Product Construction

It is a plastic and and portable device. It provides an opportunity of installation anywhere on the toilet. It works with 12V enrgy.

Product Promotion

Installation in 5 minutes, you can use it in your toilet without any drilling and it is hygienic product. You can meet your need for bidet without touching it by hand. 

Product Installation

Enough to open the adhesive tape on the back of DS-103 Bidet Nozzle and stick it to the right -left walls you want to use in your toilet. You can use it after connecting spiral hoses to ‘Water Intake’ and ‘Water discharge’ nipples in DS-103 case. 



Bidet nozzle DS-103 makes easier toilet habits for everyone   (disabled, elderly, children). Bidet nozzle DS-103   is installed close to the toilet for easy access. Through its easy use, you can teach toilet habits to your children more comfortably. It has a facilitating effect for the disabled (Spinal cord disorders, congenital or acquired disabilities). Lying back can be physically hard for older people. In this sense, this product that sympathy all kinds of situations is exactly for your needs! Take the device out of its package, plug the 220 power cable into its place on the case. If you do not have 1 spiral hose half finger and one 1/4 spiral hose for water connection, take it and set it to the connection points on the case then set the suitable (water intake) hose to the grid. Set the other end (water discharge) to the bidet hose. Put the pedal on the floor and plug in the 220v cable for energy, it is ready to use. It gives water with one press and closes it if you press it again.