Product Installation / DS-103 MODEL



Bidet Nozzle DS-103 makes easier toilet habits for everyone  (disabled, elderly, children). Bidet Nozzle DS-103  Through its easy use, you can teach toilet habits to your children more comfortably. It has a facilitating effect for the disabled  (Spinal cord disorders, congenital or acquired disabilities).Lying back can be physically hard for older people. In this sense, this product that sympathy all kinds of situations is exactly for your needs! Take the device out of its package, plug the 220 power cable into its place on the case. If you do not have 1 spiral hose half finger and one 1/4 spiral hose for water connection, take it and set it to the connection points on the case then set the suitable (water intake) hose to the grid. Set the other end (water discharge) to the bidet hose. Put the pedal on the floor and plug in the 220v cable for energy, it is ready to use. It gives water with one press and closes it if you press it again.


  • Unpack the device. 
  • 12 volt adapter and pedals, pre-check with your hands.
  • Where you want to install the device, lean the DS-103 bidet nozzle case and installation the back part to the tile or wall you want.
  • Make the first test of DS-103 BidetNozzle with 12 volt adapter.
  • Connect the Nipples to the “Water Intake” and “Water Discharge” indicators of DS-103 Bidet Nozzle.
  • You can start using the 12 volt adapter connection and pedal system.


  • After opening the box control the DS-103 Bidet Nozzle Pedal with your hand.
  • Press the pedal once and check the warning sound for the pedal test.
    • After one pedal press 1 beep means “Water is On”.
    • 5 beeps and long beeps mean “Water is Off”.
    • After 1 pedal press 1 long beep means “Water is Off”
  • Do not use more than 1 meter away from DS-103 Bidet Nozzle.


           (WARNING!) You must clean with dry swab!

  • Black, 12 Volt adapter.
  • Used in DS-103 Bidet Nozzle.



The device should be controlled daily.


  • Control the device fault LED daily.
  • You can clean the device daily with a damp swab.
  • You can control 12 volt adapter connection places of the device
  • Close down completely for at least 10 minutes once a week.


NOTE: If it is supplied by our company, control the nipple hoses.

Are you having problems!

If you are having problem following the installation and additional device assembly instructions, please contact us.