That provides convenience for anyone with
physical disabilities. BS-23 Bidet Nozzle
No More Assemblies, Breaking, Dust etc .
It is installed to your toilet in 5 minutes.
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New Generation Bidet Nozzle


Bidet Nozzle

Product Construction

It provides facility of cleaning with its stainless. You can use it on the Right or Left sides of the toilets.

Product Promotion

5 minutes of installation, enough to connect the ‘Water Intake’ and ‘Water Discharge’ spiral hoses that are available in your toilets to the inlets on the BS-23 Bidet Nozzle.

Product Installation

Specially designed BS-23 Bidet Nozzles are suitable with all types of toilet models. You can place the clamp-shaped stainless parts in the caseof BS-23 Bidet Nozzles into the toilet depending on you and you can tighten with a slight hardness. 



Bidet Nozzle BS-23  Bidet Nozzle BS-23 makes easier toilet habits for everyone  (disabled, elderly, children). Bidet Nozzle BS-23   is installed on the toilet for easy access. Through its easy use, you can teach toilet habits to your children more comfortably. It has a facilitating effect for the disabled  (Spinal cord disorders, congenital or acquired disabilities).Lying back can be physically hard for older people. In this sense, this product that sympathy all kinds of situations is exactly for your needs!


 Bidet Nozzle BS-23 Model  Our product images which is installation on the right or left side of the toilet;